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365 Letters to Myself

October 29th, I should be outside...

It is an unexpected, beautiful fall day and I am sitting inside. What?! Not usually me, if the sun is out and the temperature above 60 degrees the outside is calling me. So, what am I going to do about it?

I have work to do – can’t I do it outside? And then I go to work – ugh!! Do I make time for a walk – clearing my mind to be more productive in the short time I have this afternoon? It is not this complicated…hahaha.

To have such a day, in MN, at the end of October, altering, adapting plans – is a MUST. Live in the moment… just as my meditation was also suggesting today.

Hmmm, posting from the patio…day 105!

Thank you if you choose to join the journey. Let's hope it is more fun than tears!

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